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Seattle Marathon4/24/2006HILLS, Hills, hills. The course is both scenic and challenging. For a city course, good mixes of solitude and crowd support. In 2005, at the finish line great food and snacks, but also they had for sale previous years merchansise for pennies. Very nice long sleeve running shirts were only $2 - great for training and the pocketbook!
Boston Marathon4/24/2006I was able to run The Boston Marathon 2006. I was given 3 pieces of advice I'd like to pass along. First, since this is a noon start and you will likely spend several hours in Olympic Village before the race, come prepared. If you've been in the Village before, you know from experience that everyone brings blankets and air matresses. Bring along a cheap air matress that you can leave behind or small enough to deflate and put back in your needs bag that is transported for you to the finish line with the rest of your clothes/accessories. Also many get sun burn waiting around in the Village before the marathon starts. Do yourself a favor and put on sunblock in the a.m.! Last tip is this is a downhill course pretty much start to finish. Don't start too fast on the steepest part of the course, you'll pay for it later. This might not be a problem if you have 15,000 people in front of you...It took me 39 minutes to get to the start line in 2006!
Tybee Island Marathon1/14/2006Originally called the Savannah Marathon, the race moved to the friendly and less congested surroundings of Tybee Island, Savannah's beach. Early February when the race is always scheduled is still the off season for the Tybee, so it's very easy to get around and no traffic. Unfortunately we didn't plan an extra day or two in the area because there are all kinds of activities. You can book a dolphin tour, weather permitting, you can rent sea kayaks, visit the markets and the whole Savannah street-side food stands and local band performances. In addition to the marathon which actually attracts the fewest entrants is a half marathon and a 5k run. It's a very popular race among the locals. A local track club seemed to dominate the top 10 of the half marathon. Even on the local news they highlighted the marathon would be taking place the next day. While on the island, check out the tide. If you are taking your boat out, you need to time your return when the tide is high or all the water in the tributaries is low. When I arrived on the island, I thought it was strange to see all these great boats sitting in the mud. The marathon is in the "off" season, so other than the marathon, the town seemed pretty desolate. Climbing the lighthouse is a must!
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