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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

Buy a 12 month membership

Why become a member of Marathon Geeks?

You'll get your own home page with your marathon results

You'll have pictorial way of showing your friends your marathon history

How do I add a picture to my profile?

A picture must be web hosted somewhere. One way to host a picture is to go to http://www.imageshack.us/. Browse your computer for your picture and click host it. The 8th box of text marked "Direct link to image" is your link to your picture.

How do I e-mail my map to someone?

Two ways. Click on "Geeks" tab, find your username, click on your username to view your profile, cut URL, paste where you want it. Better yet, first sign in, then follow above steps and there will be box to fill in e-mail you want your profile sent to

Charity Run? How do I make my state Pink or enter a charity race?

When you are adding a new race, there is a new category called, "charity", if you manually enter any race with the Charity type chosen your state will automatically turn Pink!

I no longer can see my userID on the Geeks list?

Your membership has probably expired. You can still sign-in. Sign-in, then go to the MERCHANDISE tab to renew or upgrade your membership.

If my membership expires, will I loose all my history I've entered?

Once you renew your membership, your previous history will be restored.

I just joined as a new "year" or "life" member and paid via the PayPal interface, but I can't log in.

There is small glitch in the new member entry. If you close the marathongeeks window before your are finished with PayPal, you're memebership was not created in our database. Typically within 24 hours I'll manually create an account.

Problems Accessing Website - Php Errors - March 2007

We had a server/hosting issue March 5 & 6 that required some code changes. If you are having problems accessing the site, for example, php errors, you might have old webpages in your computers cache. Try deleting all temporary internet files.

How do I delete temporary internet files?

Internet Explorer 7: Tools/Internet Options/Browser History/Delete then choose last box DELETE ALL

What's the easiest and best way to upgrade my membership from 30 day trial?

If you first sign-in, you'll upgrade your existing membership. If you don't sign in first you will create a 2nd memberhip with blank history.

I accidently ordered a 2nd membership instead of upgrading my existing membership, what do you recommend?

No fear. Click on Contact Support below and send us your username. If we've received payment, we'll be able to upgrade your old account and delete the new one.

I just purchased a new membership, have my PayPal receipt, but an account was not properly set up for me to login with on the Marathon Geeks website.

Your payment has been received. We appologize the automatic account creation did not work for you so you could have instant access to your account. We will e-mail your username and password usually within 24 hours.

How does the November 2009 2 for 1 sock sale work?

We will ship 1 free pair of socks with your order. By default we will send you the identical size and color. Just leave a note on your paypal transaction if you want a different color or size for the 2nd pair!

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