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Tecumseh Trail Marathon12/5/2007Ran on Dec. 1, 2007. Very nice. 3800' up, 3500' down in point-to-point run. Mostly leaf-covered single-track, some double-track, even less dirt road, and less than 300' of asphalt. Time limit of 6.5 hours at Mile 23. About 300 entrants. Given time of year, all leaves were brown, but cannot get much better in the woods in December than this one.
Six Foot Track (ultra) Marathon2/23/2007Plan to run in 2008.
Clarence DeMar Marathon2/23/2007Ran in 2005. Set out to do a PR and did. Have not run faster since. Rolling hills, but net elevation drop. Very, very pretty. All asphalt, two-lane highway and city streets. No traffic. Great support. Minimal spectators.
Twin Cities Marathon2/23/2007Ran in 2004. One of best city marathons one can find. Weather can be ideal. Leaves were pretty. Although a city marathon, much of the run is through parks and along asphalt trails. Recommend. Point to point; starts in Minneapolis and ends in St. Paul at the state capitol.
Top of Utah Marathon2/23/2007Ran in 2003. First 18 miles all downhill but at about 1% grade. Makes the last 8 miles seem uphill when it is only flat. Was very cold in 2003, but two friends of mine ran in 2004 and it was very hot. Point to point. Starts at top and ends in town at the bottom. Great marathon for a PR. I missed it by 8 seconds.
Air Force Marathon2/23/2007Ran in 2006. Was foggy until Mile 18. All asphalt and all on the Air Force base. Loop course. Virtually no spectators. Lots of runners. Very little shade. Finish is down a stretch with old planes on both sides of the road. Great museum on base. Excellent post-race food. Easy parking. Easy access. Lots of local motels within short distance. Great expo.
Dances With Dirt Trail Marathon2/23/2007Ran in 2005. Absolutely best 50K I have run, and maybe best run ever. Did not feel bad one wit afterward. Several river crossing, and one 1/2 mile stretch wading upstream in the river. No monster hills. Excellent 50K for a first timer; was my first 50K. Highly recommend!
Grizzly Marathon2/23/2007Ran in 2006, not 2007. Typo above.
Grizzly Marathon2/23/2007Ran in 2007. Some asphalt, mostly gravel. Someone claimed to have seen a grizzly along the way, but I did not. Some hills, but mostly flat. Loop course. Scenery good but never changes. Excellent support and post-race food.
San Francisco Marathon2/23/2007Ran in 2003 or so. Was foggy for first 21 miles. Fantastic. Not as many hills as I thought. Starts at Embarcadero, goes north and west along the short throuogh Fisherman's Wharf, the Presidio, Golden Gate Park, along the Pacific Ocean, then a U-turn back throught GG Park, and due east through Haight-Ashbury to the bay, and back to the start. Early starts were permitted. Coolest July marathon you will find in the U.S.
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