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Capital City Marathon2/23/2008\Huge improvement in course scenery for silver anniversary -25th in 2006. Long sleeve blue beautiful shirt very nice capitol building blue outlined finishers medal. Now runs past inlets, ponds, and past old growth forest. Huge improvement from 2002.
Palos Verdes Marathon2/23/2008The "Big Sur" of southern California, this well kept secret only garners about 300 marathon runners. A very hilly but beautiful course along Pacific Coast Highway, passing a neighborhood of multi-million dollar homes at the turn around point, and Donald Trump's golf course near the middle on the 13.1 mile out and back course. Nice finishers medal. Short sleeve cotten participation shirt.
Eugene Marathon2/23/2008Nice medal. Nice shirt, with logo appropriatly on the front, and no or little advertitsing. Very green and pretty shaded course and run at a perfect time of year. Although the course bisects itself at one point, one only runs on the same terrain for less than 50 meters. It's amazing the thought process that went into it. Plus the start is only three miles from the finish. It follows bike paths along the Willamette River. Jared, of Subway, an event sponsor, served sandwhichs from a 26.2 foot long sub. Very well organized inaugural.
Whidbey Island Marathon2/23/2008Rolling hills throughout. Nice views of the ocean as one passes the islands edges, but further inland, with the cows, farms and pastures, it's almost easy to forget that you are on an island. Food including organic eggs and sausage served at the finish. A very nice oversize finishers medal. The shirt, awarded at the finish (2006), was a misprint for marathoners-and had a map that stated half-marathon finisher and the half marathon route on the back. Somewhat disppointing.
Wenatchee Marathon2/23/2008Four loops on bridges over the mighty Columbia River. One of the feeblest marathon medals I ever recieved. Includes the inscription "2k, 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon and marathon" on a paper sticker glued on a thin flat trophy-shop medal. The wind can get gusty and change directions blowing off the river. It is a beautiful area to visit; but if you dont like repeat loop courses to run on, you may want to reconsider.
Catalina Marathon2/23/2008Ranks in the top 4 of the hilliest marathons I have run-a category which includes Leadville trail, Crater Lake, and the Haulin' Aspen trail marathon. Gorgeous vistas once the fog clears. Cotton long sleeve shirt with small logo on front. Extremely small medal considering what a grand accomplishment it was to finish the challenging event. The 35th anniversary included a free post race party and food and a nice coffee mug. I bought an embroidered vest. Camping at two harbors was awesome-they even shuttled our stuff to the finish where it awaited us.
Big Sur International Marathon2/23/2008Fog the first hour. Cleared up thereafter. I agree with WinApel-in my case-the most scenic of the 98 I have run so far. Coffee and bagels at the beginning. Beer and chowder at the end. Finishers award is porcelean on leather lace rather than medal suspended by a ribbon. The shirt is very scenic on the back-but dI idn't care for the grey color or the micorscopically small logo on the front- (most people don't even notice it.) Also, the adjoining 21 mile relay is a pain in the neck. The marathon converges with it at the 5 mile point, and all of the running traffic is confined to the North-bound lane which occasionally had 5 relay walkers or more abreast in front of the marathoners who had to work through them.
Napa Valley Marathon2/23/2008I agree with pre-rules, and would add a couple things. I recieved a beautiful blue-race logo embroidered back pack just for entering in 2006. The pasta dinner was expensive (I believe $25) but was one of the best in terms of quality and variety. Included a wine open-bar. (With the race the following morning they didnt have to worry about going through too much!) Hot soup at the finish. (It rained hard that year as well.)
San Miguel Buzz Marathon2/23/2008Rolling green hills. Challenging, hilly. Pastoreal. Similar to the topography of portions of England. Old World War II moth-balled Army barracks, along with newer. Aid every two miles. Dog tag with camoflauged silencer as finisher's award. Starts and finishes on Camp Roberts. Hot dogs, soda, and a bottle of wine in the recovery area. An athletic fund raiser to benefit families of low-income children. A worthy endeavor. Low profile. Don't run it if you feel like you have to have a ritzy finishers award. If you like helping kids, and who doesn't, go for it! (Very low entry fee of $35.)
Mt. Rushmore Marathon2/27/2006From my perspective this race was over-hyped after reading the brochure and the website. Nonetheless, the course is beautiful...imagine running through the black hills past Mount Rushmore and finishing at the Crazy Hourse monument. It doesnt get much better, or hillier. On the other hand most of the hills are quite pallatable and rolling, they just never go away! The finishers medal is nice. The T Shirt extremely plain, though of a technical material.
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